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Classes and Clinics



Spey casting schools and Guiding;


“All About the Spey”:

This free clinic is co-sponsored by All About the Fly in Monroe Washington, and Mike Kinney from the Deer Creek Guide Company.  The clinic is held Sundays from nine to noon at the Ben Howard boat ramp up river from Monroe.  The clinic is your chance to try out different spey lines and rod combinations, and to learn the basics of the roll cast, the Switch Cast, and the Single Spey.   It is also an opportunity for you to tune up your skills from previous lessons.


Basic personal lesson:                       (8 hours)

Learn the Switch Cast to Single Spey                                                                                                                     

This class is the prerequisite to learning all other spey casts.   Learning points covered are:  Stance, grip, rod tip path, anchor placement, forming the D-loop, forward stroke and the stop.  Styles covered include: Traditional, Skagit, Scando.

Price:  $200 per person, maximum of two people

 *Note: All classes are based on F.F.F. approved casts and common sense fishing situations.

Intermediate personal lesson:          (8 hours)

Covering: Full change of direction Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap-“T,” Circle Spey, Overhand casts.   Casts will be taught from both right and left banks of the river.

Price:  $200 per person, maximum of two people


Advanced personal lesson:                  (Three days)   Must have intermediate casting skills.

This class covers: Long belly, medium belly, short head and Skagit lines and the casting adjustments needed to go from one to the next.  You will learn how to adjust to long and short rods, as well as fast and slow rod actions.  Then we will go to the water with the outfits that you choose and learn how to adjust to different fishing situations such as shallow water, deep water, and fast & slow currents.  We will cover mending, as well as casting and fishing sinking tips.  You will discover how to get down deep or stay shallow, and how to deal with wind problems and tight surroundings.  You will hone your ability to choose casts that are common sense for the situation.  These lessons will expand your skills in how to pick water and many more things that are related to casting and fishing the two-handed rod. 

Price:  $750, maximum of two people


Designed classes:

Learning or refine specific skills: such as casting Skagit lines, long belly lines, Scando heads or distance casting and such.  I will custom design this class according to your specific needs.  These classes are private and must be scheduled ahead of time.

Prices:   $50 per hour, minimum of two hours on Saturdays or after the clinic on Sundays.

               $400, for any full weekday.


Guided trips:

 Guided trips are $400 per day, lunch and spare equipment (except waders) provided.   These trips may include instruction on casting and/or angling methods at any level you wish.

Steelhead Fly Fishing:

The Skagit, Sauk, Stillaguamish, and Skykomish are the legendary summer-run and winter-run Steelhead rivers of Washington. You will float the river by drift boat or river raft. Boats or rafts are used primarily for transportation to remote drifts and fishing is done by wading from shore. Each day you will fish hard and cover as much water as possible, increasing your chances of tying into one of theses magnificent fish. The choice of river will depend on your preference, and the water and fishing conditions.

Trout Fly Fishing:

Summer and Fall months are prime for Yakima River rainbows. Depending on water conditions fishing will be done from drift boats or river rafts. Your guide positions the boat and you cast toward the shore to rising fish. Dry flies are preferred, but at times nymphs provide hot action.

Fishing is good on the Yakima and most days offer a chance to catch some 15 to 20 inch fish. This catch-and-release fishery takes place on a beautiful river that will provide you with a memorable experience.

Sea-Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing:

September and October provide some of the hottest action for Sea-runs that you will ever encounter. You will fish from drift boats outfitted for stand-up casting so that you can easily spot fish. Personal instruction is available. A complimentary supply of Mike's custom-tied Cutthroat flies is provided.

Mike is one of the best cutthroat fly fisherman in the Northwest and this is an experience you do not want to miss.




To book Classes, Guided Trips or for information contact Mike Kinney at:

Deer Creek Guide Company
29709 203rd Ave. N.E.
Arlington, WA 98223

(425) 308-5402 - Note:  As of  2/11/2009 this a new phone number.


Washington State 2008 Sport Fishing Rules

Notice: All clients must have in their possession a valid Washington State fishing license and any applicable permits

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