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Arlington, WA


"Not only was this the first steelhead we had ever captured, but the first we had ever seen. It was a strikingly beautiful fish, graceful, symmetrical, powerfully built, with great broad tail and blunt pugnacious nose. The faint pinkish color, almost a glow, shone from a background of silver and green. Then wetting his hands, R.C. carefully unhooked the steelhead and gently slipped him back into the stream, which action greatly pleased Lone angler and myself." -- Zane Grey, fishing Deer Creek in 1918, quoted from Tales of Fresh Water Fishing


Mike Kinney (Arlington, Washington)

For 25+ years Mike Kinney has devoted his life to fishing and guiding for Trout and Salmon in Pacific Northwest rivers. He has been featured in Fly fishing Magazine (February, 1990) and in Trey Combs' latest book, Steelhead Fly Fishing: The Great Rivers (1991), His flies were featured in Kent Helvie's Steelhead Fly Fishing Manual (1994). His flies are also featured in two videos from Bennett/Watt Entertainment, Inc. c 1995 Hooked On Fly Tying Series titled, "Favorite Steelhead Flies with Mike Kinney" & "Marabou Steelhead Patterns the Guides Choice, with Mike Kinney." Mike was also featured on the Prime Sports Entertainment Network (Fox) "Fly fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat," c 1990.

Mike's years on the rivers have given him great first-hand knowledge of fishing under a wide range of lake and river conditions. He has developed special flies, lines and techniques to match these conditions. He is considered one of the top contemporary teachers of fly fishing specializing in Spey and Single Handed Casting. His teaching abilities will enhance your wet and dry fly presentation techniques on lakes and rivers around the world, helping you to maximize your day on the water whether fishing for Trout, Salmon, or Steelhead.

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